August 17, 2012

Caddo Maple

 I am waiting for this. 

I've been waiting since August of last year for this brilliant blast of gold from my Caddo Maple. 

More than usual...more than in years past. 

Not just because of the temperatures and heat and hardship of this summer and last...

but because in my small world, one thing always informs another...

every one thing relates to every other thing...

these 'things', both inside and out, evolve organically, contextually,

and responsively over time

Tomorrow, I'll tell you why I am especially giddy at the thought of my Caddo Maple in its full golden, gilded, glowing glory. 


  1. We need to get you and your hubby down here to Texas and a visit to Lost Maples State Park.

    Can't wait to hear the rest of your story. I am assuming that you will tell us that fall is right around the corner. Yeah, right!

  2. I wrote on your wall last evening... Your tv segment was good! We got 12 drops of rain this morning too. Sigh~

  3. Rain, Catherine, has become not just a weather event, but a WEATHER EVENT! Perhaps tomorrow you will get more....I am hoping...!

  4. Oh gosh, now I can't wait to find out why! Lovely photos!


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