Suncast Hose Reels and Quality of Life

If spring is about renewal and resurrection and soft, tender new growth,

and autumn is about golden light and blessed relief and ember and umber and crisp air,

then summer is about 

perspiration, expletives, and hose reels.

Some of which I talked about with LC last Friday (if you missed it, watch it hereon News Channel 4.  

Each year out of the last 23 since I started to garden,

I have been on the hunt for the perfect hose reel.

Options were either too heavy, too cumbersome, or too expensive...oh, or too ugly (always a consideration).

What I can say with absolute certainty is that the quality of one's hose reel in the summer is directly related to one's quality of life...and mood.

Not a small consideration when buying a hose reel.

This reel isn't cheap at around $60.00, (buy it 
here), and its online reviews are mixed, but so far

for me, anyway, functionally, and aesthetically, it fits the bill. 

Goldilocks's just right hole reel, if you will.

It is rather large (holding up to 225 feet of hose), but if you have the room, that shouldn't be a problem.  I probably wouldn't put such a long hose in it...I think it would tax the parts too much...and I also don't force it.  I find that ALL hose reels appreciate some TLC.

Bottom line, so far, so good, and I'm pleased.  Rest assured, if either one turns out to be a lemon, I will...

first curse,

then report back to you.

Another pricier model that self winds is also available.  It is propelled by water pressure with the easy rotation of a handle.  Backwash water can easily be used (so as not to go to waste) on other thirsty plants.

Likes its manually operated cousin, this has a dark resin wicker exterior (that just matches my house trim color) and is smaller. Consequently it nestles nicely in a flower bed and is quite inconspicuous.  This convenience comes at almost twice the price, so keep that in mind.

Since these record setting temps have left me quite on edge, I decided to treat myself to one of each.  If they continue to perform without issues, I'll probably buy a third one for the potager.

I have seen them at Home Depot, Target, and probably Lowe's.  Also on-line, of course.  I got both of them on sale...either with a mark down or an on-line coupon.

Given that my sanity was at stake, it seemed like a financial risk worth taking.

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