Rudebeckia Goldsturm

Sunflowers are not the only thing glowing in the galaxy of my summer landscape. 

Rudebeckia Goldsturm (order it here) more than makes up in sheer profusion what it lacks in the size of its high drama cousin.

And I must tell you, the reasons to include it in your summer border are as abundant as its blooms.  Let's count the reasons, shall we?

1)  It's tough as nails...absolutely bullet-proof once it gets established.  If you let Goldsturm go to seed (and if conditions permit), it can even get a touch out of control...share it with a new gardener who needs a guaranteed success at the get-go.)

2)  You've got to love the contrast of the dark brown center disk against the sunny golden hue of the petals.

(Bubba told me it would look
wonderful with the new stain color of my picket fence as a backdrop.  Right as always, Bubba...)

3)  It's not fussy at all about drought and heat tolerant when disease and pest resistant...doesn't need staking and can even handle light shade.

4)  Segues easily from the shades of late summer into autumn's rich color palette. (Doesn't it look great in front of this Red Pygmy beriberi?

5)  Makes a great, long-lasting cut flower with its branching, stiff stems.

 (Very cheery with tall phlox and zinnias, don't you think?)

and, last, but not least,

6) Can be quite inspirational.

Here's to golden summers, my dears!

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