Red, White and Blue in the Garden

I have said often, that in Oklahoma we can grow anything...

it just doesn't last very long

or get very big

and sometimes the color is not very intense

or the color is intense, but gets washed out by our strong Oklahoma sun.

I maintain, however, that this is not whining.

It is simply acknowledging reality.

And the reality is that I'm never going to create a red, white and blue display like this one

that I saw recently in Salida, CO.  

Absolutely glorious on the Fourth of July.  Perfect timing of

towering delphiniums, blood red Asiatic  lilies, dainty feverfew...with an occasional lupine thrown in...

Maybe next year I'll try to cultivate my own garden version of red, white and blue...that will perform on the Fourth.

Then again,

maybe I'll just go back to Salida. 

Stay cool everyone!

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