Posies in the Rockies

 What compels you?

What, at this very moment are you compelled to do?

I just came in from my morning ritual of wandering around my garden, coffee cup in hand...no matter the heat or humidity or mosquitoes.

I am compelled to do so and feel very out of sorts if my daily rounds are cut short or not carried out at all.

Husband loves rivers.  No... Husband LOVES rivers.

Whenever we cross a bridge, (or come close to any body of water for that matter), he must roll down his window and take it all in, sticking his head out the window like a dog trying to catch the breeze...

despite the heat, despite the cold, despite the wind,

(or the wailing of his wife sitting next to him informing Husband that she is either too hot or too cold or has something in her eye because of the gale force wind coming into the car).

He is simply compelled to do so.  It is, I am certain, in his DNA.

And so it is that whenever I walk or hike or stroll

if I am anywhere close to a wildflower

I am compelled, driven really,

to compose a posie.  In this case, a Rocky Mountain posie.

Last week it was a lake posie, plucked while taking a walk with my sisters at the family reunion.

It is such a satisfying thing...to appreciate the colors and textures and variety that nature provides.  Gathering these petite bouquets is, well,  quite compelling.

As is enjoying a riverside glass of wine after the hiking and gathering.

Transient loveliness.  Just like our time in the Rockies.

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