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July 12, 2012

Anthophilous: complements of MERRIAM-WEBSTER

Merriam-Webster Logoanthophilous  \an-THAH-fuh-lus



 : feeding on or living among flowers

anthophilous:  also known as me


I love words.  Always have.  I have my favorites, some because of their meanings; others simply because I love the way they roll off the tongue and are fun to say.

Consider the word 'perspicacity' for example. It's my favorite word that just happens to fit in both categories.

Like most of you I imagine, I subscribe and 

unsubscribe with regularity to blogs, promotions, updates.  One of my favorites (of which I would never unsubscribe) is the  Merriam-Webster Word of the Day. (click here to access it.)

A daily little treat to exercise the brain and delight the imagination.  Today's word was

you guessed it....

Not sure what 'perspicacity' means?  I'm sure Merriam-Webster will be happy to help you out.  :)


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