Wee Be Little Pumpkins

Let's be honest.  A lot of gardening is just not fun

So I think it imperative that every so often, in between pest identification and double digging (does anyone still do this?)...we plant something that is just, well, a kick!  To make us smile...to delight us...to make us feel as if we are kiddie gardeners again

in sheer wonderment that nature can DO such things.

Consequently, if you haven't done it before, I highly recommend you try growing Wee Be Little pumpkins (find the seed here)

simply because it is so darn fun...so darn easy.

I grow mine in a large terra-cotta bean pot in the middle of the potager circle, a prime focal spot. 

This elevates them just enough to tend them without back strain (always a good thing) and gives them an importance and grace I find very charming.

I train them on a tee pee of tall bamboo, securing the long vines with appropriately colored orange raffia. 

The orange of the raffia

and the golden yellow of the blossoms

makes me happy.

And for so little effort.

If some of the leaves start looking ratty or torn, I pinch them off. There are more than enough leaves on the three vines in the pot to feed and shade the fruit...which like some exposure anyway.

Of course, I don't mind the petite little things poking their heads through either. 

Each morning, coffee in hand I visit them to see how much the vines and baby pumpkins have grown.

How they might need protecting, cosseting, nurturing.

You may have noticed their companions...a few nasturtiums growing and climbing along with them.

Though, actually, they trail rather than climb...so as to keep any fussing between them to a minimum.

I love the way their large leaves contrast with the tiny, glossy leaves of the boxwood...which I carefully monitor as well to ensure they are not suffocated by their larger leafy brethren.

The old bean pot itself is a beautiful thing...just the right amount of aging and crackling and mossiness to make the whole composition perfect. 

I continue each day to tie on the fleshy stems.

More touches of orange to peak through.

Hopefully, more and more little babies hanging from their supports.

Each day, more joy, more fun.

MUCH joy, MUCH fun, in such a tiny little package.

There's still plenty of time...for you to plant a little fun, my dears.

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