June 8, 2012

Going to Seed

It's official.  The first six months of 2012 were the warmest first half of the year ever recorded here in Oklahoma.

Such things have consequences... like the fact that many of our spring lovelies have already finished blooming and have now gone to seed.

Hopefully you remembered to somehow distinguish the blue larkspur from the pink, and the purple columbine from the yellow. (Then again, maybe you have a better memory than I.

My experience tells me that I can't trust my recollections as to what color what was where, so I must mark the blooms and their hues to tell them apart come seed collection time.

These little key tags work quite nicely for this, don't you think? 

If you'd like to hear more about seeds and how to collect and package them, join me and Linda today on NewsChannel 4 at 4:30.


  1. Linda:
    What do you do with your larkspur after it goes to seed. I have been harvesting the seed for friends but don't know what to do with plant.

  2. June is bustin' out all over here in MI too, Linda!

  3. We had similar records here in Wisconsin, too. It IS kind of sad to say goodbye to favorites so early in the growing season. Then again, it's great to have fantastic weather for months on end. Cute post!


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