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Please be on the lookout for the June 2016 issue of SOUTHERN LIVING MAGAZINE and a five page story on the evolution of my back gardens. I am excited to tell you I wrote the story (in addition to pruning all the boxwood, WHEW!). Subscribe here or look for it on newsstands and in stores on May 20, 2016.

May 1, 2012

Perennial Picks

If you didn't catch the plant names we featured on NewsChannel 4 yesterday afternoon, here's a list for you.  (I found all of these at HORN'S FARM AND SEED).

Creeping Veronica 'Sweet Lullaby'

Purple Coneflower

Dwarf Mexican Petunia

Yellow Evening Primrose

Tall Phlox 'Volcano'

Balloon Flower 

No staking, heat and drought tolerant... tough characters for Oklahoma gardens!

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  1. Picturesque, dear Linda. I can only imagine your garden being lovelier in person (with you as a tour guide). Pop over for a view of my MI April Garden ... just beginning to explode ... :)


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