Foxglove and Signature Plants

Every gardener should have one. A flower or herb or shrub or vegetable... that makes your garden complete...that speaks to your soul

that makes your garden...well, yours.

It may or may not be easy to grow...mine often isn't. 

Your motivation for growing it may be of a practical nature

or a nostalgic one.  Medicinal or culinary.

It may produce all season long, or for an achingly brief period.

It can make you giddy or crazy.  Mine often makes me curse or sigh or marvel or boast.

I seldom cut it.  It is poisonous to consume.

Quite often it needs my support.

Always it needs my appreciation

and a deep understanding of its flaws
and sensibilities and preferences.  

I use its beautiful image on cards and stationery and ink stamps.

Over the years, it has become very personal to me.

If you don't have one
you simply must get one. (I hear they are all the rage this season...)

Truly, every gardener should have

A Signature Plant.

Can you guess what mine is?

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