Deja Vu All Over Again

Same song, second verse.  Another hailstorm, reminiscent of the epic hailstorm of May 2010, but, thankfully, not so intense.  Still... damaging gardens, windows, roofs, and, most of all, our I-am-feeling-very-picked-on temperaments. 

So it was a welcome sight today to spot some much needed humor on a car sporting the word


on its rear windshield. Gotta love this person.

I almost wrecked as I ducked in and out of traffic to snap this picture for you. (Okay, it's a little hard to read, but I did the best I could.)

It seems to me... that to get a really good soaking rain here on the prairie... we must pay a price. 

Make a sacrifice.  

The weather gods must be propitiated.

This storm's currency:


With, of course, the requisite aching back, car dents, and bruised psyche that comes with it.


Then there was the rain from last week.  Much appreciated, heaven knows, but the price seemed a little steep for the amount of precipitation we received. 

Last week's tender?

Another huge limb off
of the towering old oak in my front bed.

The wind you see.  Sweeping down the proverbial plain.

I don't know that I have any advice on this payment plan,

but I do have some recommendations and tips for dealing with hail damage in the garden.  Join me and LC tomorrow at 4:30 on News Channel 4. 

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