Small Garden Tour and Shrubs as Groundcover

I am a veteran of the garden tour circuit.  I've had as many as three hundred visitors in a day, and as few as a dozen.  This Saturday, I'm having a small garden tour of my potager through Wilshire Garden intimate few.  If you'd like to come, give them a call at 
405-879 1121.

This little tour is also the reason I can hardly move this morning.  Truth is, I primp my garden as much for a small tour as for a large one.  It gives me the motivation (and excuse) to pamper it into the closest thing I can get to spring perfection.

In other words, it's not about the tour,

it's about me and my potager obession...and this glorious weather for as long as it lasts.

After that last leaf was blown and final boxwood clipped, I snapped these pics with my iPhone to share with you.  I also celebrated with my ritual glass of wine (see it sitting on the post by the round finial?) 

And some ibuprofen, truth be told.

So if you are out and about, do come by.

If you prefer doing your gardening from the couch, join Linda Cavanaugh and me

on NewsChannel 4 today at 4:30.  We'll be talking about
the use of ground covers in hard to grow locations.

If I can get my body parts moving to the studio that is  :).