Easter Centerpieces and Peony Pink Toenails

LC took this picture of me last Friday just before doing the 4YourGarden segment.  She then chided me for matching my yellow jeans to the yellow in the Easter Bunny's overalls and the yellow dahlias.

I am quite match-matchy that way.  I admit it.  

I was talking to L'il Sis tonight about treating myself to a pedicure for Easter.  We then reviewed various color options and ultimately, I decided on a bright peony pink.  Why? you ask.

Because that is my color scheme for our Easter table this year. White, pale green, and bright peony pink.  And in case anyone sees my toes and my Easter table in the same 'frame', I want them to coordinate of course.

Other candidates for the table's color theme (as inspired by what's blooming in my garden) included poppy red

the palest of columbine pink

rose blush

and then there's that trendy tangerine tango orange.

All strong contenders for sure.

One color, however, didn't  stand a chance.

Shrek green just isn't my style.

If you haven't decided on your Easter table decor, OR the color of your toenails, then do watch us tomorrow as we talk Easter table centerpieces.

Oh!  If you haven't visited 
p o t a g e r ' s  home page for a while, please do.  I'll be changing the header image much more frequently as spring progresses. 

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