Petite Joie du Jour

When I was 27 and still single, I bought my first house.  I was thrilled with everything about it.  A red brick mini-Monticello, I remember describing it.  I adored it, and often dream about it still.

One big purchase begat another, and, out of necessity, I was soon the proud owner of a new refrigerator as well.  I remember distinctly how nice it was to have a brand new fridge...not a renter's model with god knows what history (and grunge) in its past.

I also remember making a concerted effort not to deny myself the joy of this smaller purchase in my delirium over the ULTIMATE, much LARGER purchase of a new home.

Almost daily I think about this life lesson...not to miss out on the joy of the small in  the presence of the large.

Case in point:  my front yard is pretty breath-taking right now, if I do say so myself.  A dramatic explosion of color and freshness and texture and spring.  Seasonal abundance at its peak. Still, there are those smaller, less obvious delights of spring that I don't want to miss out on.  

So, my dears, in the spirit of this lesson, I give you my Petite Joie du little joy for the day:

A four inch pot of $3.00 strawberries that nestle perfectly in a small ceramic cache pot. Topped off with some damp moss, the composition looks ever so charming.

It goes in and out.....sometimes taking in the sun and air on the brick wall in front, other times joining in with other plants and flowers in constant rotation on my morning room table.

It won't last long in it's little container.  It will eventually become part of the larger it in the garden or the compost pile.

But I will have ever so appreciated...the little bit of joy it gave me each day.

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