Poppies and Primping

I first noticed it at the shopping mall during the Christmas season. A number of beauties were sporting the look both behind and in front of the check out counter. It was flirty and youthful, this look...no matter the age, coloring or wardrobe of the wearer. I was completely smitten by the effect.

My female friends, I give you

Poppy-colored lipstick.

Lying somewhere on the color wheel between coral pink and tomato red.  More of a stain, really.  Absent any gooeyness or heaviness.

Fresh and feminine and 

perfect for spring.

You won't be seeing me in pale blue nail polish or glittery green eye shadow...a little too Cirque du Soleil, albeit trendy, for this gardener. But I HAVE been coloring my smooch in that juicy and au currant poppy hue.  Every cosmetic line has their version, and one that I feel sure would be right for you.  But if you're not sure where to start in your search for the perfect shade, try these inexpensive brands as testers:

NYC's #407  'Smooch'  
Wet and Wild's #520E 'Hot Paris Pink'

Still feel that it looks a little too 'Barbie', not 'poppy'.  Then tone it down with a nude lip pencil or a mixed coat of a neutral shade in your existing lipstick wardrobe.

And blot, blot, blot.

The effect we're going for, ladies, is popsicle mouth.

With all of its innocent charm, and vibrancy, and
yes, perkiness.

(Come on...you can still do perky, can't you?) 

My 'Shirley' poppies won't be blooming for weeks yet.

I'll just have to wait it out with a little poppy-colored primping.

(I'll wear the shade on NewsChannel4
at 4:30 this Friday.  You can give it a thumbs up or down. Oh, and we'll be talking about seasonal rose care... NOT poppies.  :)

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