White Flora and Custom Cut Glass

We didn't get a white Christmas, so I'll just have to make up for it in January. My own version of it, that is.  As a reward for the sad, thankless task of taking down the holiday decorations, I decided to treat myself to a huge bouquet of white and green
flora in my living room.  Those precocious paper whites started it all, looking so fresh and lovely and dainty.  They were not content by themselves however, and neither was I.

Enter Casablanca white lilies, white freesias, and silvery eucalyptus pods...and lots of miscellaneous greenery cut from my garden. Quite dramatic and pristine and just the right kind of color cleansing for all of the red and green of last month.
I do so love the arching nature of  these aromatic freesias, and the way the tight buds of the lilies just keep unfolding.

But do be careful of their perilous stamens... luscious as they are in their tumeric-y delicacy.  They will irrevocably stain your clothing, yet I cannot bear to cut them out and deny myself their beauty.

Fortunately, my tablecloth is protected from this hazard by a gorgeous half inch thick piece of 42" round tabletop glass (with a beautiful one inch bevel) that I bought myself as an early Christmas present.

I had lusted after this LARGE piece of glass for many a while, but the quotes from local glass companies were just too rich for my blood.

Then I discovered Dulles Glass and Mirror, a wonderful source of custom cut glass of all kinds...for a FRACTION of the locally sourced cost.  Since I discovered them I have ordered shelving of all sizes (order some here if you're interested), and even with shipping costs, they sell a wonderful quality product at a dramatically lower price...and with great customer service.

Flowers, glass, crystal, books, texture, scent.  Such a sensual way to start out the year.  Sighing with contentment,
p o t a g e r 

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