Small Changes, Small Luxuries

It can be difficult to transition from the profligate excesses of the holidays to the austerity and requisite discipline of the new year. Consequently, I think it's important that we identify and savor small delights...the freshness of a small, but statement-making change, or petite, inexpensive little luxuries we treat ourselves to as a reward for our extra gym time and healthy living.

So when the Christmas wreaths came down, the pinecone wreath dripping with nandina berries went up...still speaking the language of the winter season and the upcoming February holiday.

Out went the glorious white arrangement of last week and in came two huge bundles of hypnotically-scented tuberoses, again in winter white, again in their crystal vase.

Last, but not least.  A dollar's worth of freshly sharpened black pencils for my desktop.  Banished were the mismatched, stuffed-into-the-pencil-holder-I-really-don't need this many, writing implements, now bundled with a rubber band and placed in the Habitat for Humanity box.

There's nothing quite like writing with a newly sharpened No. 2, don't you think?
A couple of you requested Nutrition Facts for the MAPLE BANANA FLAX MUFFINS  of a previous post.  Here goes:
Number of servings per recipe:  12
Calories:  200/serving
Carbs:  32g
Protein 5g
Fat 7 g
Fiber 4g
Also, the image showed a bottle of applesauce, which I considered using as a substitute for a portion of the oil.  I didn't do so, but forgot to take it out of the image.  Sorry for the confusion.  BTW, my sister-in-law has already made a couple of batches.  I assume everything is running smoothly at her house...

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