Journaling with 'Charisma"

Garden Journal Entry:  23 January 2012

HIGH:  57  LOW:  36

Tips of tulips have begun to appear over the past couple of weeks.  Am thrilled to see lots of viola seedlings from the violas planted last fall...hope they mature in time to join the party. :( no sighting of golden feverfew seedlings though. Even saw a forsythia in bloom yesterday. 

 Way too dry and warm...will this arid pattern never end?  Possibility of a good rain tomorrow. Keeping my finger crossed.  I deep watered this afternoon, so maybe that and a car wash will bring it on. 

 Lovely words from Colette...though I'd replace 'winter' with 'drought' in our case. The warm winter weather beckons...but also intimates that another dreadful growing season might lie ahead.

For now though trying to remain hopeful and feeling kinda giddy about the coming season.  Maybe gullible is more like it, but the emerging buds and warm sunshine are so optimistic...gets me  every time.

 Meanwhile, I'm adoring my double amaryllis, ('Charisma', I think) Pretty sure these are the ones Bubba got for me... Love the drama of all three of them blooming simultaneously.  Contorta branches as supports give them a certain Sleeping Beauty and the brambles kind of it.  Will always plant in threes striking.

 Especially like the way they glisten when light passes trough them.  Pearl-like.  Erotic and exotic.  Effect changes with the  angle, time of day, age of bloom.  

Will definitely want to grow these again next year.  Luscious is what they are. 

And Dreamy.

So Romantic.

Would be gorgeous for a wedding.

And Valentine's Day.  Hopefully they will last that long and new stalks will emerge in time.


Meanwhile, 'Samba' times three waits in the wings.  :)

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