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December 19, 2011

Seasonal Affective Ditziness

It's hard to think clearly during the holiday season. 

What with all the 


and wrapping

and baking.

It's easy to feel a little overwhelmed, a little forgetful; yes, a little ditzy.  

I was talking to a friend the other day while huffing and puffing on our respective elliptical runners.  I confessed to having lost something that I was ever-so-sure I had tucked away in my purse, but I also admitted that I had been especially spacey of late, and we went through the list of causes and, well... excuses.  

You know, the usual suspects:  holiday mania, menopause brain, vitamin B deficiency (LC told me about that one...), sugar excess-ivity...husbands.

I blamed this particular incident on a deluge of junk mail and catalogs that I am always in too much of a hurry to recycle.

That, I told her, was my final answer, and I'm sticking to it. Consider it, I told her grandly,  my 'excuse du jour'.   I told her she could have one too...her very own

Excuse du jour.  

"How kind!"  she exclaimed.  "Don't mention it",  I responded generously.

Then I thought  "why be stingy?"  So all of you may have one as well. Your very own "Excuse du jour"  for this holiday season.

Consider it a little gift from me to you.  A virtual stocking stuffer if you will.

Don't ever say I didn't give you anything.  :)


  1. LOL Linda! Love your post...so much to do ...so little time. Hope you are enjoying the season! Merry Christmas!
    Miss Bloomers

  2. I am feeling that way too. I thought it was leftover from the horrendous summer that didn't end until November. Maybe??? Catherine


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