December 30, 2011

Holiday Fatigue and Bargain Bulbs

As much as I love Christmas...and I a certain point, and usually before the season's climax, I get a bad case of holiday fatigue.  The greenery is well past its prime, the decorations are not quite as festive... instead they seem cluttery and dusty and excessive.

Likewise, the sweets and treats and indulgences (even the kids at home) just get to be too much.  

Thanks goodness the new year, with its nascent promise of a fresh start and a cleansed palate caps off the holidays.  Because, to put it indelicately, I'm pretty much sick of it all right now.

With a few important exceptions, of course. 

Namely all of the paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs I potted up for winter color that are just now beginning to bloom.

They are ever so cooperative, blooming just in time to replace the fading greens and berries.

And unlike all of that other holiday festooning, I can't get enough of these seasonal blooms; in fact, I just bought more bulbs to pot up as the first round of them begins to fade.

A trip to Home Depot to get some light bulbs resulted in some bargain flower bulbs as well...all of them 50% off, no less.  Your local nurseries might have them on sale as well. Check them carefully though.  If they don't look fresh and firm to the touch, pass them by.

Oh!  And their rosemary was on sale too...I got these beauties for under $3.00 each.  Some bargains can be passed up.  And then some...well, it would just be criminal to pass them by.


  1. I hear you about the holiday overload. And I'm a newbie to the forced bulbs effort. Wish me luck! Yours are gorgeous!

  2. Linda - did you plant some of those bulbs in a small crock? If so, what did you do for drainage? Your house is so charming in its winter "attire."

  3. Ann, no need to worry about fact, when you 'plant' them in nothing but pebbles you don't want it. I used three different size crocks that belonged to my mom. The effect was delightful! Do try...


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