The Happiness Project and 2012

For many of you, including me, this book is s-oooo 2011.  On top of that, I rarely recommend a book whose author gets on my nerves, and who is one of the more irritatingly, over-the-top self promoters out there.

Still, if you want a break from your normal heavily intellectual material, and need a good New Year kick in the pants, I highly recommend this.  It is clever, practical, wise, amusing, and yes...will make you think about your own degree of happiness, and your investment in it in a novel way.  She is a master communicator in getting across her message.

Color Girl gave me one for my birthday last year and I am re-reading it this week whilst comparing notes with L'il Sis who received one for Christmas.  Double-double-double the fun.  Just a little recommendation for the New Year 2012 (EGADS!).


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