COLORBLENDS and Tulip Voyeurs

Ignore the high temperatures, my dears, and completely immerse yourself in tulips.  Submerge yourself, indulge yourself, intoxicate yourself, hypnotize-mesmerize-saturate-bathe yourself if you must, in tulips.  If the images in the slide show below don't do it, I don't know what will.

Last spring John Scheepers Catalog was my go-to source for wholesale tulip bulbs and the personalized blends I would whip up for mine and others' spring show.  But sometimes in the past, and again this year, I decided to not only blend tulip varieties, but to blend BLENDS ala COLORBLENDS  as well.  If you need inspiration, look at the various tulip palettes and color notes I selected over the seasons.  

If you are inclined to be a tulip voyeur, take a peek at at my order for the spring of 2012.  The amaryllis are for Christmas, of course. Maybe placing your order will distract you from the 108 degree swelter today.

 1001209Glow Motion0.35035.00
 1001413Passing Fancy0.35035.00
 1001411French Blend Rose0.39039.00
 1001408Sultans of Spring0.38038.00
 56019Allium Globemaster6.00030.00
 256023Allium Purple Sensation0.72018.00
 56061Allium Ambassador6.00030.00

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