July 25, 2011

Wishing Your Life Away

It's not a good question to ask, I know.  It sparks discontent,

recriminations from those who tell us to live in the moment,  

be present,

don't wish your life away...


I can't help it.

I'm sick of watering.  Sick of stagnant brown plants.  Sick of the swelter.

And I expect to be understood,

if not forgiven,

for asking,

"Is it fall yet?"

(No, if you are wondering....these pictures were not taken this year....truth in the telling.)


  1. No, don't say it! :)
    I guess if I lived in a place with a milder winter I might ask that question. But I want the summer to last A LOT longer. We had a perfect day today--85, low humidity, cloudless sky, light breeze. Perfect! OK, so I hope you have a cool August with some rain, and I hope my weather stays the same as it is right now.

  2. Fall does seem to be the most beautiful of words and concepts right now. Spring was here for such a fleeting moment and then it was gone. Literally burned away. May Fall come early and stay long :0)

  3. But your garden is GORGEOUS!!!!!! Mine is all sticks at the moment. Looking forward to it warming up!!

  4. I too am really sick of this, but sort of getting into how bad it is... very masochistic, but what else can one do?

  5. Gardeners not only live in the present but future. It's been a tough year for many of us, dear Linda, and I hear you. May, June, July, rule in my garden ... fresh is good. By August, my twirling head is into all that went wrong, focusing on many bald spots! Weary, I then dream of spring! Summer ((hugs))


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