Garden Ornament and News Channel 4

You know it.  I know it.  It's just too hot to do any real gardening right now.

So let's engage in some fake gardening, shall we?  By which I mean playing with things of interest and beauty in your landscape that do not rely on water, good drainage, or the sweat of your brow.

Consider, if you will, the various forms of garden ornament that can give your landscape a certain WOW factor, or if that's not your style, maybe a subtle, quiet sophistication.  Or both.  Why not?

A strategically placed pot in the border, a beautifully selected and carefully placed finial

can make all the difference in elevating the interest of your landscape.

The ever-so-perfect placement of a garden bench...maybe nestled in a hedge of hydrangeas?

or the perfectly curved line of a garden gate that elegantly mimics the same curve in that bench...

 A stone pillar here, a wrought iron tuteur there

a garden gnome if you must (though I am not of that persuasion myself...)

Anyway, you get my gist.  It's too hot to do anything but water, observe, and dream

and try to demonstrate a little optimism, as hard as that may be.

(Or just stay inside and watch me on News Channel 4 with Linda Cavanaugh at 4:30 tomorrow.  We'll be talking about ways to help your plants survive the heat.)

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