Lincoln Park and the AT&T Man

I got dressed in the presence of a stranger yesterday.  Tried on two outfits for that matter. Applied my make-up too.  Joe was his name. Works in customer service for AT&T, and thanks to my speakerphone, he and I spent most of the morning together (a tortuous time, I might add) getting dressed, Joe trying to ensure good feedback from me on yet another AT&T customer service survey. He had no idea, of course.  About the intimacy of our time together and my recent trip to Chicago. Had we been more than just telephonic acquaintances (unlike you and I, dear readers), I would have shared with him these images from an art festival in Lincoln Park in Chicago.

His loss.  But here for YOU to share.

Walk along with me as I enjoy this artistic extravaganza and stalk chic women with short gray hair. 

I was seriously tempted by these gorgeous rings and colorful busts...

but my hands-down favorite was the sculptor Michael Gard  (click here to go to his website) with his gorgeous metallic flying acrobats.

Enough art.  A little more stalking.  Lavender, little girl, and polka-dots hearts.

A discerning consumer of art and fashion.  Tres chic.

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