Gardening with ADD

I can't lay claim to this idea.  The idea of gardening with ADD that is, a special form of horticultural Attention Deficit Disorder.  You know what I mean.  The inability to stay on task.  Bouncing from one thing to another, one uncompleted chore to the next, each new chore screaming louder at you than the one before.  A friend mentioned this affliction to me the other day, but I can't remember WHICH friend coined the phrase. (Short term memory loss being another mental  affliction of late.)

Anyway, here is a snippet of my own experience with the condition and how it looked this morning:

Went out at 7:00 a.m. to plant a small blue-needled conifer. But I passed this spirea so stopped to clip out  its dead wood before proceeding to toss out the petunias seen here, because tragically they died from lack of water while I was away :( 

While relegating said petunias  to the compost pile and mourning their passing, I discovered a tiny variegated oregano plant I'd forgotten to plant in between some stepping stones, so on the way to locating my hand shovel and a little sand for amendment, 

I decided to pick some Kestral beets for dinner, then wanted a picture of them, of course, so

started to head inside for my camera, but noticed that a couple of small marigold and profusion zinnias needed to be transplanted from an unhappy planter into the potager as edging, which I did and in the process

thought I might as well dead-head ALL of the pots of orange zinnias (I do love them so) then 

now what was I about to do?

oh yes, go in to get my camera (and pee because I've had to use the bathroom for a very long time now)

but not before marveling at the magnificence of this Enchantment Lily because, after all, it only lasts for a nano-second,

along with this handsome hollyhock (weren't you supposed to be a purply-black?)

Oh, hello there...

At which point I can hear the phone ring, and despite muddy hands and because I really have to use the bathroom...

I go in.  Without giving that little blue conifer I wanted to plant another thought.


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