June 14, 2011

The Doors of Chicago

A short weekend trip to take our eldest son to the University of Wisconsin required our taking a brief detour to Chicago first.  My kind of town, Chicago is!  Yours too, I bet.  So much to see. So much to do.  So many pictures to take.  So many pictures to share with you.

First up, my dears:  a sampling of the doors of Chicago  (L'il Sis, this one's for you.   Is there an official name for someone with a door fetish?  If so,  I definitely have the condition.)

Last, but not least, the entry to the wonderful W Hotel with its magnificent view of the lake.  

One day is simply not enough time to feed this fetish... 


  1. How fun, Linda. Thank you.

  2. Linda...I, too, have a door fetish. who cares what the rest of the home looks like, if it has a cool entrance, I'm sold

  3. Great door photos! I think of Chicago as my city because it's the nearest big city. My son is a senior at UW-Madison. I hope your son likes it! We're all Badger fans around here. :)

  4. Now you've given me one more thing to love about Chi town (even tho my son doesn't live there anymore). Great photography as always. Thanks.


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