Control Freaks and the TODAY Show

Okay, my dears, look me straight in the eye (errr, sunglasses) and tell me you are not as much of a control freak as I am.  Because I am willing to bet that maaaaaaannnnny of you out there are similarly afflicted.  

So you can imagine how upset I was this morning, when not only did I send my baby off to his last day of high school...

but, without any consultation with me on the matter, the TODAY show announced that Meredith Vieira would be leaving her co-anchor position on the morning show, leaving Matt Lauer on the coach with Ann Curry. (That didn't come out quite the way I meant it...)

Anyhoo, it should be quite obvious that I felt completely and very disturbingly out of control.  Unable to influence events in any way.

Still, there have been a few things of late that left me with a similarly powerless feeling, yet I was able to pull it together at the end and control the outcome. Check here tomorrow and I'll let you in on the dramatic change (well, dramatic to me) to my beloved      p o t a g e r    after last spring's horrendous hail storm.

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