Changes in the POTAGER

I'm not saying I didn't love it the way it was. Weathered and a little rustic...the arbors and picket fence that is...neatly framing the potager.  A nice support for the climbing roses.  Informal, but not too much so.

But after the hailstorm of a year ago, the old arbor and fence began to show its age, and its weather wounds needed fixing.

I had delusions of a beautiful, rounded brick and stone arbor.  More substantial,  more formal...less maintenance.

But then a little voice began to talk to me.  You have two sons in college next have two sons in college next year...EGADS!  you have two sons in college next year!   and the last thing you need to spend big bucks on is a beautiful, rounded brick and stone arbor.  No matter how much more substantial and formal.

Soooooo, another solution was warranted.  One that would meet my basic requirements.....and hide the obviously new wood used in the repair.  

Since the roses had to be cut WAY back to replace the roof, AND since they weren't too happy this year anyway because of the drought...

it was an opportune time to

stain the fence a dark, rich, bronzy-brown

that matches the darker shade of Tudor-y bronzy brown of my freshly painted house trim. 

I hope you like the result as much as I do. Rich, deep, more elegant.  Won't that dark color look scrumptious with the pink roses next year?  Do tell.

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