Tulip Visitors

As this blog will testify, there are very few perfect weather days in Oklahoma (the fact that we are in another record drought notwithstanding).  But today was one of them.  Gentle warmth, not heat.  Gentle breeze, not wind.  Gentle light, not glare.  In other words, perfect gardening weather.

A friend of mine, whom I'd not seen in a while, and who is absolute walking sunshine herself, brought two friends of hers over to see my tulips before they succumb to the inevitable weather change that will hit, probably this weekend.  We took a delightful stroll through the front and back garden, giving my aching back a chance to stretch, and my eyes a chance to see things through someone else's eyes, instead of my I only see the things I have to do and not the things I've already gotten done eyes.

We talked about how we never sit in our gardens, but how we occasionally do just wander, looking at what's erupting, thriving, rotting, germinating.  Trying not to spill our morning coffee or evening wine in the process.  

Why don't YOU grab your beverage of choice, and tiptoe through the tulips with me?

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