I sometimes (okay, often) accuse Husband of being spacey and lacking in certain  sensitivities.  He, in turn, would say that I am temperamental, sometimes (okay, often) harsh, and prone to histrionics.

Still, there are times when Husband is wise.  With an acquired intelligence, born of over twenty years of marriage to the love of his life, 

and an informed mind...of weather patterns, global climate change, and geographical predilections,

he innately knows, that in a deep, mysterious, inexplicable, yet seemingly causal way

that when I go outside this morning to clean up the debris (yet again) from the most recent wind storm

it will, most certainly, in one way or another, be his fault.

And so he decided to go canoeing. 

And he didn't even invite me. 

Isn't he the smart one?

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