Lettuce as a Form of Empowerment

All right, my dears.  From the number of lovely responses I got from the last post, something about that short history lesson, or the recitation of scary weather facts about Oklahoma, resonated with you.

Or scared you to death, as the case may be, leaving you feeling rather dejected and powerless against the elements.

And for this I am SO sorry.  So come in my garden gate.  Sit down with me. Let me pat your hand and say, "There, there.  It will be all right",  and tell you a little something you can do to make you feel a bit better (just a little mind you, I don't want to over promise.)

Here it is.  Go plant some lettuce or a lovely spicy mescalin mix. Even if it's already kind of hot...and dry.  The heat will just make it germinate more quickly (if you can water it enough and protect it a bit from the high winds).  If you are blessed with cooler temps, it should be about the perfect time for you as  well...to sow some delicate little greens.

Plant something colorful, maybe frilly, to cut and come again. Maybe a variety with a fun name that will make you smile.  If you don't have a small patch of earth, use a container.  It's not a long term investment, but it will make you happy in short order, and is ever so easy to do. 

 And when you have enough for a nice green salad with a lovely Dijon vinaigrette

You will feel ever so slightly empowered.

If you'd like to watch a video of just how easy it is to plant greens, click here to view a segment I did on KFOR News Channel 4,  earlier in the month.  If you're interested, you can watch previous segments on other topics as well.

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