Appletini Green and Southern Living Magazine

My dears, do I have a treat for you today!  Run, do not walk, to get the May issue of SOUTHERN LIVING.  And then supplement your reading of the article "the Lush Life" (on page 104) in the magazine with these behind the scenes pictures I took on their spring scouting trip for the photo shoot. 

Rebecca and Ralph, who wrote and photographed the story for SL, beautifully captured in both words and images the vibe of my friend Marquette's home. It was at Rebecca's suggestion that he paint his front door that delicious shade of green (Appletini, S-H-410 by BEHR), shown here in its pre-painted state.  She has, no doubt, sparked a trend...L'il Sis is at this very moment contemplating such a change to her front entry. 

On more than one occasion I have told my friend John Boy (who helped with the design) that if I had to trade my garden space for any other in OKC, it would be THIS garden space.

It contains in spades all of the things I adore in a gardenscape. Minute attention to detail.  Strong evergreen structure contrasted against a blousy, billowy presence.  Practical and beautiful use of hardscaping and plant elements.    Wonderful and appropriate focal points and use (not OVER-use) of garden ornament.

And LOTS of clipped box, container plantings, and the use of my absolutely favorite colors ( chartreuse, purple, white and green) for accent.  Sigh....simply stunning.
Soooooo many great ideas to steal from this wonderful place....and the article...and these pictures.  

They are yours for the taking, my dears.

Inspiration is thine.

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