Planting Easter Grass and Being Bubble-Brained

A couple of interesting events, one a dream, and the other, a phone conversation, have left me bubble-brained.  I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I know it when I feel it and I have to respond accordingly. I need to do something that is straightforward,  simple, immediate, and gives me clarity.

So today, as I have done so many early springs in the past, I planted some Easter grass---for baskets and table decor (a la fancy magazines) but mostly, to satiate  my inner kindergartner. 

Mindlessly easy, I promise.  Get a container.  Any container.  My Smith and Hawken wooden box is my favorite vessel for this.  Line it with plastic if it's not waterproof.  It doesn't really even need drainage, since it is a short-lived enterprise.  Think florist not gardener.  Put some dirt in.  Scatter some perennial or annual rye (or a mixture) seed (even some fescue would work, though it would take much longer to germinate).  A variety of seed, both fine and course in texture makes a nice display --- for example three different clay pots of varying heights, each with a different thickness blade --- on your table or mantle.  Lovely.   Fresh.  Delicious.

But, wait, that's too complicated for today.  Just scatter the seed, water, cover the container with plastic.  Then put it on the top of your stove (or refrigerator, or some other source of bottom heat. Bake some cookies to speed the process along.  Ducky or rabbit shaped ones would be nice.  Freeze them though, otherwise you will eat them all before Easter, which is still a month away.)

The seed will germinate VERY quickly.  A matter of 3-6 days.  Put outside and keep watered.  Enjoy the miracle and sheer delight of it all.  If it gets too long before the big day, mow with scissors.  Then just watch for the smiles and appreciation of live Easter grass.  Oh, some fledgling hyacinth bulbs make nice companions.  :)


One more thing.  See the stubby looking grass in the ruffled clay pot below?  You'd never, never guess it if you guessed for a long, long while (with or without Brownie smile) what it is, so I'll tell you in the next post.

You can't stand the anticipation can you?  Hee hee.

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