Headline: Spring Explodes not Unfolds

"Wait...wait....wait.....okay, Gracie, you good girl....come get your treat." 

So says L'il Sis to her sweet dog, Gracie, as she gently but firmly demands patience and obedience of her pet.  Mother Nature dictates the same to this girl, though not always gently, as I wait, not always patiently, for spring.

In this too warm, too windy, and way-too dry 2011 season, spring exploded on the landscape.  I've always envied climes where spring unfolded...slowly, evocatively, tauntingly...with attendant time and reflection and awe.  Moist, calm, fecund springs.  Aw well........It is spring, nevertheless.

So, say hello (speak loudly because of the thirty mph wind gusts) to the delightful hellebore, the contemplative columbine, and color-coordinated violas.  As a little surprise to myself, I scattered some golden Black Seeded Simpson lettuce... to come up wherever it chooses amongst them.  Ha!

Take that Mother Nature.

My stunning windowbox exploded as well.  Cabbages now huge, tete-a-tete daffodils finished, ivy and euonymous full and spilling over.  Beautiful even when spent.  Remember that, Husband.

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