Baby Lust and Baby Vegetables

This past week, I became a great-aunty for the first time.  I can't wait to get my hands on Baby Bea.  But since Baby Bea is in D.C. and I am in OKC, I'll just have to satisfy my baby cravings in other ways.

So I ordered (and you can too by clicking) John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds  Happy Baby Garden:

#9010 The Happy Baby Garden
This special garden is comprised of cherished baby varieties prized by chefs of all cuisines. The Collection contains a packet of each the following varieties at about 10% off regular prices:

  • Kestral Baby Beets (about 220 seeds)

  • Adelaide Baby Carrots (about 1,400 seeds)

  • Sungold Cherry Tomatoes (about 15 seeds)

  • Little Gem Baby Romaine Lettuce (about 700 seeds)

  • Lemon Cucumbers (about 35 seeds)

  • Wee Be Little Pumpkins (about 12 seeds)

  • Savoy Express Baby Cabbage (about 100 seeds)Packet of 2500 Seeds / $20.50

    # of Packets:    I bought just one collection, but you might need more.  My friend, Bubba, at Southern Living, even mentioned it in their March  issue.  Great for petite little gardens like my potager and container plantings as well.

    Not enough to satisfy your baby lust?  Then watch this.  L'il Sis told me she had the EXACT same conversation with her twin, L'il Bro, when they were that age.  Enjoy!

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