Another thing to love about gardening...

One of the things I love about that it doesn't require a friggin' password!  So said I to Color Girl a few weeks ago in the midst of yet another nasty battle that I, and my sidekick Mac, were having in our digital relationship.  Temporarily at least, Mac had the upper hand and rendered me speechless in the heat of our mutual meltdown.  No doubt you noticed my absence (or I hope you did, at any rate...)

But now, my darlings, and I say this ever so meekly (and with both my fingers and toes crossed), I think I am back in commission. After a nasty bout of restoration-from back-up-from-external hard drive-using Time Machine-gone bad,  I am gamely trying to get my digital health back and resume our little blog chats.

So, for now, a little peak at some things that have been happening in the windowbox on the front porch over the past couple of weeks.  I must say, the little daffs and violas get along much more companionably with the cabbage and kale than I have been getting along with my computer.

Oh, and thanks so much to those who inquired about my absence. Such warm and fuzzy words and thoughts.  :)

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