February 1, 2011

Carolyne Roehm and Slovenliness

I highlighted this passage from the eye-candy and often over-the-top, I could do that too if I had a lot of money and a lot of servants and lived in a mansion, book  AT HOME with Carolyne Roehm.

(Whom I don't admire nearly as much as I do Diane Roehme from NPR.  Still, she, Carolyne that is, is a taste maker extraordinaire, and makes EXQUISITE floral arrangements, so the book is well worth the money...an investment really, at least that's how I rationalized it.  I just thought you might want to know.)  So here it is:

"Winter brings unkind weather.  We huddle behind doors, attending to neglected tasks.  Demeter, goddess of the hearth, rules.  Activity now centers on kitchen stove and cozy fireplace.  Seasonal downtime permits reveries of the garden to come.  Flights of fancy and imagination flower.  Neglected  books become friends again.  Reorganization of everything beckons, but hibernation instincts threaten good intentions.

To which I say, "DUH."

No good intentions in this house, you betchee. I was productive and a busy bee all weekend. Now my good self (go to the basement and get on that exercise bike!)  is waging battle with my lazy, slovenly self (oh isn't it so cozy here in front of the fireplace with my trusty heating pad and Scottish rug on my lap...?).  While the day isn't over yet, guess who's winning?

I think I'll just open another yummy, but not necessarily nutritious, glitzy read:

available  here, AN AFFAIR WITH A HOUSE by Bunny Williams.  The topiaries alone will make you  light-headed.

Those headier, haughtier, more substantive books will just have to wait.

Enjoy this snowy respite, everyone.  I plan to.


  1. Here's to cozy fires and lap rugs or quilts spread across our laps. We can take a day or two can't we?

    I have an article due at the end of the week. Shoot-fire.

    Warms hugs to you my friend.~~Dee

  2. I say Yea to surrendering to your slovenly self!

  3. We are only human, afterall. You said it all with "hibernation instincts threaten good intentions." I won't be venturing out into a blizzard. That would just be silly. Stay warm and comfortable!

  4. Yes, Carolyne Roehm is a gem. Have her beautiful autographed A PASSION for FLOWERS (met her when in town at local nursery). More heavy snow here today ... so what else is new :)


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