Husky Tool Trug

I have issues with most garden tool carriers.  Shlupping all of that stuff from one location to another usually results in the loss of your favorite pruners or, well, the loss of some other hand tool you use all of the time.  I don't care how brightly you've painted that tool's wooden handle... that you supposedly ALSO treated with linseed oil  (does anyone really DO that?).

A plastic trug with a handle (you know, like the one you also use for your cleaning supplies?)  is way too pedestrian, and too small.  A canvas tool apron is impractical on SO many levels. That mesh, velcro-ed thing that you are supposed to secure around a large plastic bucket never STAYS up.  Besides, it also came with a heavy plastic lid that turns into a seat, for sitting and resting supposedly.  Like THAT is ever an option. On that basis alone, it lost all credibility with me.

So, just when I wasn't looking (which is also the way you find a man, by the way),  I found the perfect solution.  It was calling to me at Home Depot.  On sale for $19.99.  A husky tool carrier.

Isn't it handsome?  Tough, but lightweight.  Serious enough for REAL gardeners. But with lots of handy compartments,  like in a woman's purse.

I love the way you can use the spacious pockets on the ends for water bottles and/or your telephone or seeds.

And did I mention it was only $19.99?

I've already filled mine with gloves and pruners and hand rakes and trowels and sunscreen and bug spray.  You know the drill.

Oh, and it's waterproof.  Tough and decidedly not cutesy, which is another important criterion with me.  Along with being able to carry a lot of stuff and being handsome.  

Good qualities in both a trug AND a man, now that I think about it.

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