You Have A Flower Delivery

They're here, our flowers from Sunflowerguy, remember?  They were waiting for me yesterday (as promised) on the front porch in this perky box.  Sending Sunshine, absolutely.

The world is always a little brighter with fresh flowers.

And I appreciated the explicit instructions on opening the box, where to open and NOT open (very helpful).

And they were lovely, crisp and fragrant, just as described on the website:

A rustic yet elegant collection of red poms and pepperberry, this free-flowing arrangement has charm and cheer in equal measure.
  • Contains: 3 Stems - Hypericum, 2 Stems - Pepper Berries, 4 Stems - Pom Pom (Red), 3 Stems - Protea
  • Arrives in our unique gift box - just unzip, water, lift and smile!
All bouquets come with our "Smile Guarantee" - 8 Days of Smiles or Your Money Back! We guarantee that your flowers will last at least 8 days or your money back. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the freshness of your flowers, please call or email us and we will gladly replace the bouquet or refund your money.

The color palette was perfect, just what I'd anticipated.  Perfect in my kitchen, no?  They came with an equally nice enclosure,

and a unique packing system that did keep them hydrated and fresh...really fresh I might add.

Now one of the selling points is that they come turn-key.  In other words, vase, composition, everything....ready to place and enjoy, without having to arrange them, locate a vase, etc. etc. etc.  For most recipients that would be a good thing.

But, to me, (and this is no reflection on the flowers, or their quality, or their selection)

these kind of bouquets have a certain unavoidably, well,

constipated quality about them.  Terse, uptight, they just don't sing, if you know what I mean.

So while they are perfectly fine just as they are (for those who are not as obsessed with cut flower arrangements as I)

I would tweak, yes, tweak,  them a bit.

I'd add something delicate to play off the sturdiness of the fabulous Protea and berries, (like nandina foliage, turned purple by the winter sun and cold) and something gray (such as clipped Blue Atlas Cedar).  Oh, and when you unleash the beauty of the flowers from their cramped state, you will find their quality to be exceptional and the amount and size of the stems very generous.

So after adding some things from your own garden, you take something happy and lovely to

something much more


Oh, and I put them in a considerably larger, heavy glass vase

and let them spread their wings, cascade over the sides, insinuate themselves into the delicate nandina    and just loosen up a bit, you know?  When allowed the space, the berries really shine and along with the Protea, stand out so much more dramatically (if I do say so myself.)

Consequently, the beautiful blossoms you received via overnight flower delivery from

will really sing when you bring them inside and give them some ruby red apples as companions.

This is about as close as I can get to sharing them with you without sending you an overnight flower delivery of your very own from the Sunflowerguy himself.

I do hope you enjoy them.

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