Vita, Harold and The King's Speech

I love a happy, unexpected little confluence of events.  I just had one and I thought that you, my Sweets, might enjoy it too.  I was looking for a passage in Vita and Harold:  The Letters of Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson, edited by Nigel Nicolson, (you can purchase it here at this evening (oh, and for a reason completely unrelated to Sissinghurst, you garden lovers, you) 

when I came across this grouping of letters about that monarch-crushing American,  Mrs. Simpson

and a very timely reference to The King's Speech (sound familiar), the name of that much lauded movie I had just told Husband I wanted to see this weekend.

A happy little confluence of events that I thought you might enjoy as well,   in addition to the book which is a jewel in its own right.  :)

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