Tete a tete Daffodils and Marcel the Shell

Can we get up yet?

No, Little Ones, it's not time to get up yet.  It's still early, and very cold outside.

But we want to get up!  The sun is shining, and that lady keeps coming out looking for us and wanting to play.

I know, My Darlings.  It is hard to be patient.  But it's not time to throw off the covers  and poke your little heads out.

But, but, Mumeeeeeee.  She keeps calling for us!  And it's warm out today.

Hush, my little Tete a Tete!  Be good and Mummy will put on your favorite movie.  Watch Marcel the Shell again.  It will be time to get up soon.  I promise.  Just tell the lady in the pajamas that she has to be patient too.  It will be time to play in the garden soon enough.  Besides, she has chores to do first.

Start it whenever you like, my darlings.

Okayyyy.   Move out of the way please.  And would you get us a drink of water?

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