January 4, 2011

Sunflowers in January

Okay, these are not sunflowers, but they are, or will be, flowers sent to me from a secret admirer (okay, just a reader) of P O T A G E R named the Sunflower Guy. Don't you just love it when someone out of the blue wants to give you something for free, especially if it's flowers?

I must tell you that Husband, sweet guy that he is, sends or gives me flowers all of the time.  Or at least he attempts to.  Quite often, I nip it in the bud (so to speak).  Being the arrogant, thrifty, persnickety gardening gal I am, who has to always, always, (my friend Bubba would say) have some kind of fresh cuts in her home, I usually feel quite confident that I have something just as lovely in my own backyard (and much more natural looking) to cut, and I hate the unnecessary expense (though the attention is lovely) of buying flowers.  Though I do adore my darling neighborhood flower shop A Date With Iris.  I want to take you there sometime, and I will.  Soon.  I promise.

But not right now, because we are visiting my friend, Sunflower Guy, from whom you can buy sunflowers and other lovelies for special overnight flower delivery at Sunflowerguy.com.

I adore sunflowers (especially 'Sunbeam') and this site appears to have them in spades, and more importantly, in BULK.  Because that's the way sunflowers like to be, being so companionable and all. However, I am generally a seasonal purist when it comes to cut blooms, and as much as I love sunflowers, the Natural Living Bouquet is far more appealing to me in winter.  And I do LOVE seeded eucalyptus, so this lovely russet arrangement is what I ordered.  For overnight flower delivery from Sunflowerguy.com.  (If a guy is going to send me flowers, I can at least plug his website multiple times, don't you think?)

Now, remember, I haven't received them yet and my jury is still out as to their quality, etc., but I promised Sunflower Guy that I would give you an honest, objective evaluation when they arrive. That way you can experience the pleasure through me and it will be just like getting them yourself.  Okay, maybe not, but still. 

Here's some more information on their stems, straight from the horse's, err Sunflower Guy's mouth (801-668-6392).

For the most part, the flowers you get from us are “grower direct”.  We grow all of our own sunflowers and much of our filler greens.  We do get some flowers from other, mostly local sources.

  • Our bouquets feature a lot of sunflowers.  We are the largest (through our parent company Dos Gringos) grower of ornamental sunflowers in the world.
  • Our bouquets are all designed by floral designer RenĂ© van Rems.
  • The thing that is probably most unique about our business is our shipping container.  We think it is superior to any other flower shipping method.  It keeps the flowers hydrated, and prevents the bouquet from being crushed or damaged in any way.  Our competitors simply pack flowers into a narrow box, which works if you’re a florist, but most consumers don’t want to have to cleanup, cut and rearrange their flowers.
So, now it is just a waiting game.  They should arrive via overnight flower delivery on Thursday.  We won't be able to sleep, I'm sure.  :)


  1. Linda, I received one his bouquets last fall, and I enjoyed it very much until the gnats found it. Then, it went outside. Yours won't have that problem since we're deep into winter. I love the name of the local flower shop. I may need to try it. Thanks.~~Dee

  2. Which one did you order? Do try Date with Iris...you will be charmed.

  3. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your words. CUTE is NOT a word I like so I appreciate you saying that it isn't cute.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    P.S. Dee is my dear pal.


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