Mulliens and Other Unexpected Delights

Sometimes the world has a capacity for delight that just amazes me.  Take this mullien here. It just decided to show up one day. Maybe from a seed I had stowed away (okay, stole and stowed away) in a jacket pocket while on a visit to New Mexico, or maybe from the bottom of a visitor's boot.  I don't know.  But it decided to take root and surprise me and delight me, very unexpectedly.

On Monday, I had jury duty. Not something one would expect to be fodder for unexpected delight.  But it was, and I'll share it with you (because, as you know, I am such a giver.)

After the lunch break, but before the long, yawning, wait-to-be-called afternoon had begun, the clerk decided to help interrupt the monotony by offering a set of dominoes for the entertainment of whomever might be interested.  I was decidedly not, both because I had a good book to read, and because I don't play dominoes.  Not because I wouldn't have liked to, but because I don't know how.  A small technicality.

Anyway, four people did proceed to the front to play.  And as I saw these four people: a multi-tatooed/multi-pierced/with-a-baseball-cap-on-backwards, twenty-something young man, and two sixty something women (one black and one white), and a trim gray-haired gentleman (who looked like he might be an insurance adjuster or work at Tinker Air Force Base)

having SO much fun, and laughing so enthusiastically, and enjoying each others' company so much, well,

I just thought, where else would these four people ever have met to play dominoes and have so much fun?


And I was absolutely and unexpectedly delighted and I laughed right along with them.

The End.

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