January 5, 2011

Honeysuckle and Turquoise

I know I'm not the only one to have turquoise on the brain.  That eye-candy of a blog House of Turquoise drips gorgeous turquoise decor almost ever day, and my friend Color Girl has been smitten by it for quite a while now.  But when Honeysuckle, Pantone Color for 2011 was revealed in all its pinky perkiness, I found myself a little sad that the calendar had turned and turquoise had been dethroned as the color of the year. 

So I am revisiting an evening in May when my friend Sunshine and her hubby came over for dinner and we dined al fresco and al turquoise.

And my color nostalgia was sated for the moment.

Hope you enjoy this little trip back in time too.


  1. Turquoise is always good. Phooey on those Patone folks.

  2. And yah for your new Lavender-Patchouli soap. Found you at Cherry Street Market last year......love Lost City Knits. Happy New Year, Denise!

  3. Thank you. Admit it, your archive is now as inviting as that lunch table!
    Remember that old expression - blue and green should never be seen - yet lush green and blue skies is magnificent!! Diana


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