Coffee Shop Weather, Swamp Men, and Writing

It's winter, it's cold, it's coffee shop weather.  And I keep thinking of my son in India which, when I put two and two together, reminds me of a visit this past year to one of my favorite java joints, The Red Cup.  Conducive to literary proclivities, Red Cup is a favorite spot for my son and I. When he is home, he frequents it often, writing for hours and really, I mean REALLY getting in the writing zone.

Most of the time this is a character trait I both admire and covet in my child.  But on this particular day, L'il Sis was in Oklahoma for a visit with her favorite sister, moi, (this is L'il Sis with her sweet dog, Gracie), and well, frankly, since   

he invited us, we didn't think it was too much to ask that he make conversation with us.  Pretend like we were witty, clever, engaging. Errr......existed.  But Noooooooooo.  He was in the Zooooone.  And would have nothing to do  with us. His exact words were, and I quote "I invited you, but I didn't think you'd be talking to me - GLARE-."   L'il Sis recorded it on a Red Cup napkin for evidence and future blackmail potential, shocked at this affront to both of us.

As I reflect back on this sad tale, I begin to wonder where I went wrong with this child, but then         Husband interrupts my reverie to inform me that his new favorite show is  Swamp Men on Nat Geo.    With the sound of one of the characters saying "I'll be the first to jump on and the last to jump off them crocs",  I decided that, like most things, it was Husband's fault and I'd done all I could with the child.  

Needless to say, being scorned and ignored to such an extent, L'il Sis and I just ate and looked around

with righteous indignation, but enjoying each other's company and this delightful little spot.

The End.

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