October 29, 2010

Little Orphan Annie, by James Whitcomb Riley

As could both my boys by the time they were six or seven.

Because I would scare the heebie-geebies out of them by reciting it over

and over

and over  

with great dramatic flourish.


Even though it scared them.      Terribly.

Because it was so dramatic.  And I loved it.

And I knew all of the words.

And I loved it.          And knew all of the words.  Oh, I said that.

And at the drop of a hat, or candy corn,  I would recite it.

And I would do it for you now.

But since you are not here

And I am not there

This little pumpkin will do it for me.  (Though, my rendition is ever so much
better       and scarier        and more dramatique.  Still...




(If for some reason you cannot see the video, please return to the home page of P O T A G E R and play it from there.  Enjoy everyone!)

October 28, 2010

Hallowed Eve's Moon

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown

Pioneer Woman, Pets and Cherry Tomatoes

Okay, I am as smitten with  The Pioneer Woman as everyone else is. Her brilliant photography, clever Oklahoma repartee, family-pleasin' recipes, and cute kids make her vast and wonderful blog a must read.  And if that weren't enough to suck you into her wacky and wonderful world, there are          all of those equally wacky and wonderful pets      or, ummm, animals in general.

So I feel compelled to tell you, my dears, that aside from the errant buffalo, baby porcupine, or obnoxious squirrel that might occasionally find its way into my  p o t a g e r  blog,  mine is a pet-free, animal-free home and garden zone.

Allergies, realities and practicalities make it so.  But don't feel sorry for me, all of you critter-lovers. 

I have my own furry friends to love (this one kind of  reminds me of a baby Big-Bird).

Anthropomorphism is the fancy word for applying human qualities to animals.  I am wondering what the word is for applying human characteristics to plants.  (Well, Veggietales does come to mind.)  Surely, there is a word for it, isn't there?  Do share if you know.  Because these darling little cherry tomatoes, not unlike a stray pooch or kitten, found there way, uninvited, but ever so welcome, into my garden.

Very cute and shy aren't they?  Initially, I kinda had to coax them out of hiding.  And there were just a few at first. But the sweet things got frisky (as pets will do) in the cooler weather, and then began to multiply like little rabbits.

I can tell you are smitten with them.  It's okay.  You can touch them. They won't bite.

But I can't promise the reverse is true.

Obviously, I can't get enough of the sweet, innocent little darlings. 

Each one has its own distinct personality, don't you think?
Anyway, this little tomato seedling just wandered in, its parentage unknown, (though I think my friend Bubba and  his packet of 'Pearl' cherry tomatoes is responsible). 

But, in all likelihood, it's probably just a mutt.  A mutt cherry tomato.

Despite its questionable lack of good breeding, I've grown attached to it.  (I am not a snob, after all). Or, rather, it's grown attached to me.  And my trellis.     And my fence.  And maybe the little wooden chair too.  Oh my.

Anyway, as I watched it consume everything around it, I just thought (or sang) to myself

"How high will a sycamore grow, if you cut it down, you will ne-e-ver know..."  

thanks to Pocahantas and Disney, and I decided that I'd just let that little tomato grow and grow and grow      and do its thing.  

I am such a risk-taker.

And boy did it ever!

Still, with a big heart (I am such an easy touch), I took them all in.  Even the wormy ones, though I did get them treated for that.

I simply just couldn't resist their sweet nature and delicious disposition.

I'm sure you'd do the same in my position.

Being a pet lover and all.

Now look who's strayed in?  :)

October 25, 2010

Are You a Joan or a Betty...on Madmen

I don't know if it was the full moon, or a ghoulish bug, but Monday morning brought me a sick stomach and a headache along with the traditional blues.

So as not to leave you unattended, dears, enjoy this video and covet the great clothes.  Then let me know if you're a Joan or a Betty...or one of the other gals or guys for that matter.  I have no illusions about this girl's lack of bust  (or  buns!) to be a Joan.  Put me squarely in the Betty corner.

And I adore that little structured orange bag.

October 22, 2010

Biting the Hand that Feeds You.....errrrr, I mean Publishes You

All right, dear readers.  PLEASE note that it is Friday night, the start to the weekend, and I am not out partying and having a gay ol' time.  (Not that I would be out having a gay ol' time anyway, but that's another issue...)  No, I am here typing out a note to you, my dears, to apologize that the post I sent out LAST NIGHT for you to read this morning          and give you a heads up about my Channel 4 segment THIS AFTERNOON        didn't arrive in your mailbox till after the show was over!        Oops!    And SO NOT MY FAULT!

It would seem that the little magician (or sadistic nerd) that hides behind the cyber-curtain is asleep at the switch or doing maintenance or SOMETHING.....and causing this newbie blogger all sorts of headaches as well as typing in caps and YELLING at you in type  sorry...  And you are the victims of this cruel and senseless negligence.

Or not, depending on your interest or lack there-of in my little blog.  (If you are reading this, and it is Friday night, then  (A)  the glitch must have gotten fixed, and (B)  your social life is as pitiful as mine.

If I DID have a vibrant, carefree, social life I would be doing something like this with Husband:

  "Fairy tales can come true, it could happen to you..."

Just not tonight.  Have a good weekend, dears!

October 21, 2010

Tomorrow's Garden Segment on News Channel 4: How to Plant Bulbs

Please join me on News Channel 4 tomorrow at 4:30.  We'll be discussing how and when to plant bulbs in your home garden.  I hope you can join us!

Seed Heads and Homesickness

I have so enjoyed having you along on my little adventure to the Wichita Mountains.  As you experienced day-trippers well know, adventures are meant to be shared         and then reflected upon.   You, my dears, have helped me do just that.  But now, I am thinking, you may be getting a little homesick.  You may be ready to go back home, back home to the comfort and familiarity of our little  p o t a g e r.  And so we shall, but not before we take a little something home with us as a memento of our visit.

And seed heads are just the ticket.
Dried, beautiful little packets of horticultural perfection,
very befitting the  landscape   and the mood of this hiker.

But be careful not to bring home any Trojan wildlife (look closely at the photo above) who would, I fear, be happy to vacation in our little garden.

 The wildflowers, the grasses

all have their little insect stow-aways

some busier and more undetectable than others (and who can hide in places other  than just your seed heads, if you know what I mean.)

Oh, now Husband tells me it is illegal to take anything from the wildlife preserve.

Soooooooo    in deference to the law           and the birds     and the Husband

and the bugs, I'll leave them behind.

Because as beautiful as my little  p o t a g e r  is...

they just might get homesick.