December 7, 2010

Older and Wiser with Spode Christmas China

Now that I am one year older, I am also one year wiser.

Let me share some little pearls of Christmas wisdom with you.

Use your Spode (or whatever your Christmas pattern is, should you have one) ALL SEASON LONG.  I mean it.  Every day.  Is it worth all that trouble to dig it out of storage just for a couple of days?  Use those mugs every morning for your coffee or your kids hot chocolate.  And if one breaks, well, it breaks.

C'est la vie or carpe diem or whatever.  Enjoy what you have.  (Unless of course it can't go 
in the dishwasher.  That's a whole different ball game, for sure.  I may be wise, but I am not stupid.  Well, at least most of the time.)

Candy canes are much tastier in theory than in real life.  When was the last time you actually ATE a candy cane anyway?  First you have to remove that obnoxious shrink
wrap, always wondering if it is a leftover from last year or the year before that.  If you do decide to eat one,  it usually has a slight taste of cigarette ash on top of that peppermint flavor.  And yes they may be cute, but that is a visual thing, not a taste bud thing, and that doesn't count.

It is all right to watch WHITE CHRISTMAS as many times as you want in December.  And if you are doing dishes with your sisters and feel the urge to start singing the "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters..." song, then a teaspoon makes a good mock microphone.  And it is okay, if you are like me and have more than two sisters participating.

No big beautiful car parked in front of your house with one of those red bows will ever match the thrill of that Lifesaver Book you got in the second grade as your gift in the student gift exchange.


  1. It is also okay to conduct the hallelujah chorus with a spatula. I do it every year (several times) and the Morman Tabernacle Choir responds quite well. From the sound of them (on CD), I must be a magnificent conductor. I use a Calphalon, nonstick.

  2. Oh, how I loved those lifesaver books!
    We have a collection of Cuthbertson Christmas china, very similar to the Spode Christmas tree, and we begin using it for every meal in early December.

  3. So true! Beautiful memories ~ sisters singing, carefully wiping family Flow Blue dishes, which I inherited, treasure, use, and enjoy to the hilt! It's a Wonderful Life still brings me to tears :( But I'm one who does eat candy canes :) although remember making them into a peppermint shake laden with clinging bits of invisible paper ... not tasty nor fun watching smiling faces, trying to be kind, carefully sipping and pulling shrink remains from tongues :) Joyous holiday wishes, dear Linda.

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