Happy Birthday to Me

I will make this quick because I have to head off to my luxurious bath whilst Husband and Son take out the trash and do the recycling because I don't have to because it's my birthday.  And they had to get me my morning coffee and my afternoon tea and my nighttime water because I don't have to because it's my birthday.  And Husband had to clean up the kitchen and do the dishes and listen to MY station on the radio because it's my birthday.  

And Sunshine came by with some great fingerless gloves from J.Crew because I coveted hers and she has great taste and because it's my birthday.

And there was a time when I was one of ten kids and I didn't make a big deal out of its being December 6 and my birthday, but now I am older and wiser and I tell everyone that it is my birthday and to make a big deal out of it and so they do.  Make a big deal out of my birthday, that is.

So many thanks to everyone who wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LINDA!!!!

And now I'll show you a couple of my really great birthday presents. LOOK at these beautiful embroidered towels Color Girl gave me from a shop in California.  She could hardly stand it the gift was so appropriate, and I could hardly stand it when I opened it.

I ask you.  Who enjoyed the gift more.  Me or Color Girl?

And Teacher Sis came by with my niece and gave me these FABULOUS garden wellies, because they know just what I like on my birthday.  And they wrapped it ever so wonderfully in a great burlap bag with coordinating yellow tissue in a hue of sulfur yellow that just matches a coat I got from Boden USA not on my birthday. (If you are not familiar with them, please check them out.  You'll be glad you did and will want birthday presents from them.)

And my brothers called and wished me a happy birthday and I talked to them in various dressing rooms of various clothing stores at the mall.  One per store.  Even though I hate it when I hear other people talking on their cell phones in dressing rooms (or bathrooms especially) but today I didn't care because it was me and it was my birthday.

And Husband is getting me a new dishwasher but I don't have a picture of it because I haven't picked it out yet.

Oh, and I almost forgot.  L'il Sis who is an important faculty member at Indiana University School of Nursing didn't get me a present but she did dedicate a lecture to me today.  On STD's.  She said that now every time her students think of STD's they will think of me.

Now isn't that special.  :)

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