Gardening Gift Suggestions on News Channel 4

Attention all of you elves and elvettes out there.  If you need some gift suggestions for the gardeners in your life     

and if you can tear yourself away from your twelfth viewing of WHITE CHRISTMAS 

and if you're not stuck in traffic somewhere

and if you are not completely and thoroughly sick of the holiday season yet

then I enthusiastically urge you to watch me and Linda Cavanaugh this Friday on News Channel 4 at 4:30 to see some splendid gift recommendations for the gardeners and garden-lovers in your life.

Because as much as we love amaryllis

and we DO love amaryllis

sometimes we need to be a little more original

and spend a little more money

on those blistered, weather-defying, ever-optimistic

Oklahoma gardeners.

Thank you very much.

And may I ever so meekly ask a favor of you, sweet Reader?  If you like my little blog, would you please forward to someone else who might enjoy it.... or who just needs a little cheering up.....or who might want to know you're thinking of them?  Sometimes I feel like I'm preachin' to an empty church.  Thank you ever so much,  Linda. 

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